Call to Action: MAP Grants

Students need you to help with funding of MAP Grants!!!

Today, students from across the state are in Springfield talking with State Representatives and Senators to demand the state fund MAP Grants.Support our students by calling your State Representative and Senator and urge them fund MAP Grants.

How important is this funding to our students and institutions?

Institution # of Student Recipients Total State Tuition Aid
CSU 2,335 $6,013,567
EIU 2,548 $9,131,215
GSU 1,208 $2,568,482
ISU 4,281 $15,388,249
NEIU 3,079 $7,840,237
NIU 5,714 $20,561,178
SIU-C 4,103 $14,751,913
SIU-E 2,801 $8,110,117
UIC 7,901 $30,834,803
UIS 827 $2,653,201
UIUC 6,660 $27,730,306
WIU 3,124 $11,756,418

ISAC 2014 Data Book

Over 128,500 students in Illinois rely on MAP Grants to help fund their education. However, due to the Governor’s refusal to address the budget unless legislators significantly limit your rights to collectively negotiate a fair and respectful contract, the state has failed to fund MAP Grants this year.The public universities, trying to shield students from this political fight, are fronting the funds for MAP Grants for the current semester despite the uncertainty of their funding.The most recent Data Book from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) reports that, for public universities, this amounted to over $157 million in the 2013/14 academic year.

Please call and/or email your State Representative and Senator today with the simple message: Fund MAP Grants!

Simply click and enter your zip code to find your legislators’ Springfield numbers (remember to call your State Representative and Senator). As always, remember the person answering the phone might be affected by the state’s failure to fund MAP Grants too.Politeness only helps demonstrate our commitment to our cause.

If you would like to learn more about our ongoing campaign to increase funding for Illinois public universities, like our Facebook page

In solidarity,

John Miller

UPI Local 4100