CCCLOC Press Release: City Colleges Degree Programs Questioned By Inspector General

City Colleges was in the news again, and not for any good reasons.¬†Apparently, the dubious degree certificates being awarded at Daley led to a scathing report from CCC’s own inspector general. A report was¬†written earlier this year, but only came out in the press now. Here’s a link to the story:

CCC Under Fire from Inspector General:

Again, for all the resources poured into Reinvention, the project has been a terrible waste of money. That project directly overlaps with the time that our union has been without a contract. CCC could have invested in its teachers capable of raising educational standards, but instead blew millions of dollars diluting the value of our students’ degrees.
Here are a few more recent news links including an excellent statement from 1600’s Tony Johnston that was published in Crain’s.
More on Graduation Rates:
Similar from HigherEd:
Tony Johnston’s response to Chancellor got picked up by Crain’s
In solidarity,
Randy Miller
Truman CCCLOC Rep.

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