Degrees not Debt Week of Action is set November 10-18.

Are you interested in helping to drive a campaign in November?  The campaign is NEA’s Degrees Not Debt.  It is a campaign to end student debt via Income Driven Repayment, Public Service Loan Forgiveness and/or grants.

The week of November 10-18, 2014 is the NEA’s  Degrees Not Debt Campaign Week of Action!

Now is the time for NCHE and NEA to lead  on campuses across the country.  We need faculty and staff voices on solutions to student debt and college affordability.

Will you commit to staff or lead an event (NEA will provide the training, information and resources to help you be successful)?

 You can check out the site at  You can:

 1.           Host an event:

 2.           Request materials:

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