As the Presidents of four IEA Region 67 Higher Education units, we state our full support and satisfaction with the work that IEA has done with our locals.  Our four locals represent more than 2,300 members in the Chicagoland area, including adjuncts and professional staff at Roosevelt University, City Colleges Chicago, Columbia College, and Morton College.

IEA representatives have supported our contract negotiations, assisted our grievances through to arbitration, and when necessary the filing of unfair labor practices.

We are saddened that our sister union at Columbia seeks to disaffiliate with the IEA based on a deep misunderstanding of what a parent union actually does behind the scenes and what it brings to its member organizations.  We certainly do not agree with the characterizations made that IEA does not put our union dues to good use.

With the aid of the IEA we have learned what our members want through well-constructed and professional surveys. IEA has scheduled trainings at our campuses for our campus reps and officers, whenever necessary. We have learned how to investigate potential grievances and bring them forward or to resolve them. We have worked with the IEA to pass legislation that has helped members in higher education, including with their unemployment claims. The IEA has created space for Higher Education by establishing Region 67, the only higher education region in the state. The IEA funds our annual higher education conference, and it has helped us organize actions to put pressure on our employers to negotiate better contracts.

We are better for our work with the IEA. A union is only as strong as its members. We have become stronger because of our affiliation with the IEA.


Loretta Ragsdell, President

City Colleges Contingent Labor Organizing Committee (CCCLOC)


Joe Fedorko, President

Roosevelt Adjunct Faculty Organization (RAFO)


Nick Hoeppner, President

United Staff of Columbia College (USofCC)


Dennis Haffron, President,

Morton Adjunct Faculty Organization